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Zynq from scratch

My curiousity for the Xilinx Zynq devices got woken when I got a RedPitaya board from my father. The RedPitaya board is a open-source hardware project intended to replace expensive lab equipment. Its core piece is a Xilinx Zynw SoC with dual core ARM processor and FPGA logic. Installing the prebuilt image was too easy for me so I started to build some simple applications “from scratch”, meaning without prewritten software. In this blog I itend to write down the knowledge I have gained during the development with the RedPitaya board.

Processing System

These posts show bare metal projects using the processing system.

In this post we are going to say Hello from the processing system (PS) in the Zynq SoC

Programmable logic

These posts show bare metal projects using the programmable logic, the FPGA part of the SoC.

Posts to come.

Linux on Zynq

Running Linux on the SoC opens a range of opportunities. These posts show how to run Linux on the Zynq.

Apr 30, 2019
Linux on Zynq
In this post I will show you how to compile and install a vanilla Linux kernel and root file system on Zynq SoC.

May 8, 2019
Alpine Linux on Zynq
After building the Linux Kernel in a recent post we will run Alpine Linux as a leight weight distribution on the Zynq SoC

Stuff with Unix

I like making my life easy. Here I’d like to share some of those nifty tricks that safe you a lot of pain.

Encrypted remote backup of a Synology NAS using Raspberry Pi and duplicity.


My first projects in the Electronics world involved microcontrollers. From simple 8 pin micros to multicore embedded SoCs I’ve seen them all. Some writeups of meaningful projects might appear under this category.

In my first project on the topic of Machine Learning I implemented a simple keyword spotting algorithm on a Microcontroller. In this post I will walk you through the steps of implementing and testing feature extraction and a neural network on a MCU!