Noah Hütter

Hi! I'm Noah, an electrical engineer from Zurich, Switzerland.

Highly motivated and hardworking Electrical Engineering student with excellent grades in both key modules and maths seeking for a career in research and development with demanding challenges.

I currently study Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in the Master’s degree programme at ETH Zurich.

In my free time the fascination of Electronics motivates me to pursue private projects and finance my coffee consumption on freelance colaborations.

Please enjoy the rest of my website.


From professional...


Analog hardware development skills form circuit design to testing and validation until production. Circuit prototyping using high level languages like Matlab and Java.


Experience in FPGA design using hardware description language and High-level synthesis. Application in image processing and control systems.


Embedded system development and mixed signal processing on DSPs using bare metal C and Real time operation systems on Microchip, ARM and other platforms.


Cross-platform GUI software development in C++ and Java. Experienced know-how in Linux server installation and maintenance

Web Design

CMS based website development.


Versatile source code management using git version control. social


Experience as project leader and team member. Tutor for students having difficulty in electronics and programming class.


President of organizing committee for local gymnastics tournament.


Timeline of my Experience

September 2018 - Present

ETH Zurich

MSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

After graduating from FHNW I started the Master of Science study to deepen my knowledge in electronics and math.

November 2019 - July 2020

Mettler Toledo

Part Time Electrical Engineer

Design of analog circuits and prototyping of high speed data acquisition using FPGA

August 2015 - August 2018

FHNW Brugg-Windisch

BSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

During my full time studies at FHNW, I acquired the fundamental knowledge in electronics and could apply the learned in semester projects. Highlights during this time were the grade 6.0 for the Bachelor’s Thesis and an average mark of 5.5 over the whole studies.

July 2015 - July 2017

Mettler Toledo

Seasonal Job

Assignment included hardware prototyping and testing as well as writing extensive measurement protocols to verify a products market suitability.

July 2011 - August 2015

Müller Martini Zofingen

Apprenticeship Electronics Technician

After the compulsory school I started my apprenticeship in electronics with simultaneous professional matura. A highlight was the participation at SwissSkills championships where I scored third place


Selected projects

FPGA for Enhanced Image Processing

Bachelor's Thesis

Together with a fellow student we implemented an image processing algorithm on multiple FPGAs to accelerate image processing. Thanks to my implementaton of a full Ethernet stack, the solution is scalable on a network.

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Control of Power Electronics using FPGA and Zynq

ETH Research Assistant

Based on a simulation and multiple research papers I implemented a PI control algorithm and a complex PWM modulator in FPGA fabric and CPU to control a high power cascaded H-Bridge converter.

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Recent posts

Edison - Keyword Spotting on Microcontroller

May 27, 2020

In my first project on the topic of Machine Learning I implemented a simple keyword spotting algorithm on a Microcontroller. In this post I will walk you through the steps of implementing and testing feature extraction and a neural network on a MCU!

Tags: #AI #Microcontroller #ML

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Encrypted Remote Backup using duplicity

Jul 15, 2019

Encrypted remote backup of a Synology NAS using Raspberry Pi and duplicity.

Tags: #Linux #duplicity #NAS

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Alpine Linux on Zynq

May 8, 2019

After building the Linux Kernel [in a recent post](/posts/pitaya-linux) we will run Alpine Linux as a leight weight distribution on the Zynq SoC

Tags: #Linux #FPGA #Redpitaya

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Linux on Zynq

Apr 30, 2019

In this post I will show you how to compile and install a vanilla Linux kernel and root file system on Zynq SoC.

Tags: #Linux #FPGA #Redpitaya

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Zynq with RedPitaya from scratch: Hello PS World

Dec 24, 2017

In this post we are going to say Hello from the processing system (PS) in the Zynq SoC

Tags: #ARM #FPGA #Redpitaya

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